Water Services

  • Pipe Installation/Extensions
  • Servicing/Repairs
  • Leak Location
  • Meter Relocation/sub-meters
  • Retic Isolation valves & Dual Check
  • Add a hose tap
  • Pressure and flow issues
  • Water hammer and noisy pipework
  • Can adapt to all existing pipe systems

Old and deteriorating water pipes can reduce flow and pressure and release contaminants into the water. This accelerates wear of plumbing appliances and fixtures. It can affect the water’s taste and impact your health.

I can upgrade, replace or protect your old systems with best trade practice.

Water hammer & noisy pipes indicate underlying problems which could become expensive repairs if left unattended.

Add a hose tap or patio fish sink. Upgrade your flexible fixture connectors to burst proof design.

Hourly Rate from $60/hr

No travelling or attendance costs

Pensioner Discounts