Toilet Suite Replacement

  • Budget Toilet Suite
  • Std S or P Skirted
  • Closed Coupled
  • BackToWall
  • No disturbances to existing surfaces
  • Dependant on existing Setout Dimensions
  • Cistern Tap + Flexi Connector included


1). A budget option to get your loo working again includes a plastic cistern and seat combo.

2). Skirted pans hide the traps and are easier to keep clean. This option includes a porcelain cistern.

The final 2 options are all porcelain suites and more compact in design.

3). The Close-Coupled pan has more flexibility with drainage setouts

4). The BTW style as indicated by its name sits flush up against the rear wall.

All pans come with new isolation taps and flexi connectors and are secured to the floor with either silicone or cement mortar. The fixed pricing assumes the existing drainage layout is compatible with the pan you choose.

Please send accurate measurements to determine this if you are not sure.