Domestic Gas Services

  • Gas Appliance Installation
  • Gas Appliance Servicing
  • Leak Detection & Repair
  • Gas Pipework: Design/Install
  • LPG and NG catered for


Appliance Installation

I will install and commission all your new or replacement gas appliances. I can supply all the necessary pipework, fittings and connection hoses/flexible leads required. I will provide a (NOC) Notice of Completion for the installation and lodge the eNotice with the DMIR&S, Building & Energy Division.

Note: A preliminary Gas Audit/Leak Check is required before I start any gas work. If any existing faults are found, I will liaise with the Customer to determine what needs to be done, before proceeding with the scheduled work.

Tip! If replacement appliances are of the same gas consumption rating and installation design, you will avoid the extra costs in modifying pipework, benchtops, and/or adjoining structures. Please ask if you would like some free advice on your appliance choices.


Appliance Servicing

Gas appliances should be checked periodically to ensure they are running efficiently and safely. Common faults such as difficult lighting of room heaters and stove top burners can often be fixed with minimum fuss.

Safety devices that can breakdown over time include:

  • heat/flame sensors,
  • thermostats and ignitors
  • anti-tilt switches,
  • regulator diaphragms
  • thermocouples.

Major cause of burner faults are:

  • Blocked jets
  • impeded secondary air flows
  • corrosion and grime around flame retention rings

“If you are sick of stove burners going out on simmer settings and lukewarm or fluctuating temperatures in the shower – give me a call and I will sort it out for you”.

Provide as much information as possible to help me solve the appliance issue.

Go ahead and book now!

All service appointments allow for 1hr onsite troubleshooting. Parts may be needed and may require ordering and a second visit. Once the faults are positively identified the cost to complete a service request can be quoted.

Gas Leaks and Repairs.

I can check for leaks and locate and repair them.

Leaks can result from:

  • failing gas leads on cookers and room heaters
  • worn gas taps on stoves and cookers
  • LPG bottle-set pigtails
  • accidental pipe damage.

I will conduct a system audit to verify that the whole system is sound from the meter/bottle-set to the appliances.


Note if you have a major leak and it is creating a dangerous situation – CALL (000) and get emergency services.

  • For minor leaks with no ignition danger, just isolate the gas at the meter or gas bottles if safe to do so.
  • A soapy water solution can be used to locate a leak on exposed pipework – such as LPG Bottle pigtails.
  • Wash down and remove soap after completed to avoid corrosion on metal parts.
  • This would need to be done as soon as the Gas is turned off and the pressure isn’t lost due to the leak.

In most cases it is better to leave the investigation to the gasfitter who has the right equipment and detection gear to safely find and repair the leak.

Gas Pipework – Design and Installation.

Need replacements, extensions, and upgrades for more appliances? I can design your system to cater for proposed and future gas loads.

It is critical that gas lines are sized and designed correctly as the gas pressure from the meter/bottle regulator is relatively low. Appliances at the end of the line will not function efficiently or safely if the gas pressure fluctuates or drops due to upstream demand by another gas appliance.

In a worst-case scenario, burners could snuff out or incomplete combustion could produce Carbon Monoxide a poisonous, invisible, and odourless gas.

  • Install new LPG systems for lifestyle blocks
  • add a bayonet for a room heater or
  • add one for an outdoor BBQ.
  • Upgrade the pipework for an Instantaneous Hot Water Unit.

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