Tap (Std) Replacement

  • Wall Top Assemblies

  • Fixture Assemblies

  • Laundry Conversion

  • Isolators, W/Machine Taps

  • Hose Taps

$$ Cost effective upgrade

Updating your tapware can really transform your bathroom, kitchen & laundry.

Taps are a focal point and can lift the whole room.

As a bonus – the renewed functionality will be appreciated by the entire household 🙂

Taps wont shut off?

If your taps wont turn off and you have changed the washers many times – it may be time for some shiny new taps!

What's included?

This Service allows you to replace just the top assemblies of the tapware, in the case of Wall Taps


the entire assemblies in the case of basin/sink sets.

Wall Fixture tap sets such as baths, showers, Laundry sinks & similar come with a standard spout or arm/rose.

Wall Sets can also be supplied less spouts/roses.

All 3TH tapsets come with spouts.

  • Quality brass jumpers used..
  • Tap seats checked & refaced if needed.
  • Taps reassembled, tested.
  • Wall Set cavities re-sealed behind wall flanges.
Laundry Conversion

Laundry Conversion taps are found in some homes where there are no separate Washing Machine Taps.

There are 2 main types: “Y” Shape and Stacked.

“Y” shaped Conversions are Left & Right Handed.

Note which side the W/Machine is placed (next to the L/sink) when selecting the Conversion taps.

Isolators, W/Machine Taps

Isolators come with 1/2″ and 3/4″ hose connection outlets.

S/S flexi’s usually 1/2″

W/Machine, Dishwasher usually 3/4″

Dual and triple outlets are also available with combination sizing.

Take photos if not sure when selecting on forms.

Out of sight.
  • Most Sink & basins sets these days are connected with braided S/S flexi hoses.
  • These are hidden from view in the cupboard.
  • Out of sight – Out of Mind.
  • Not all flexi’s are equal & a burst hose will quickly make a big mess inside your cupboard and throughout the house.
  • I use burst proof flexi’s for all sink/basin tapset replacements.
Quality Brass jumpers.
  • Quality Brass jumper valves are used.
  • Most tapware bought from a Hardware or Plumbers Supply will have a generic plastic jumper valve and washer. Even top of the line taps do!
  • They wear quickly, can disintegrate inside the tap and debris can cause water hammer and block other valves and components in the plumbing system.
  • For a modest price quality jumpers are long lasting and use quality washer  materials or o’ring designs.
What styles?

The Fixed Price Services concentrate on good quality budget tapware.


  • Australian Manufacturing Company
  • 15 years warranty
  • Good range across all fixture types with options available for different spout configurations:
    • Low rise
    • High rise
    • Swivel
    • Fixed
  • Chrome Plated finish
  • Easy-Clean (CrossHead) handles
Need more options?
  • There are literally hundreds of styles and models of tapware from both Australian and international suppliers.
  • I can offer advice on tapware and provide an extensive catalogue from  several local suppliers.
  • Just use the online enquiry option on any of the booking forms and provide details of your needs.