Tap Servicing

  • Re-Washer 1 Pair of Std Taps
  • O’rings, Fibre Washers, Clean & regrease
  • Tap bodies refaced
  • New brass jumper valve washers installed
  • Spindle replacement optional
  • S/Steel Seat insert optional
What's included?

The Service includes:

  • 1 X pr of taps have the washers. (jumpers) changed.
  • Spindle O’rings replaced.
  • Spindle shaft cleaned and degreased.
  • New water grease applied.
  • Tap seats checked & refaced if needed.
  • Taps reassembled, tested.
  • Wall Set cavities re-water-proofed behind spindle shroud.
Select up to 3 tap sets.
  • Let me know on the form if you need more tap sets (or all taps in the house done together) to save on labour costs.
Quality Brass jumpers.
  • Quality Brass jumper valves are used.
  • Most tapware bought from a Hardware or Plumbers Supply will have a generic plastic jumper valve and washer. Even top of the line taps do!
  • They wear quickly, can disintegrate inside the tap and debris can cause water hammer and block other valves and components in the plumbing system.
  • For a modest price quality jumpers are long lasting and use quality washer¬† materials or o’ring designs.
The seating wont seal?
  • If tap seat is too badly worn or gouged out, S/S tap inserts can be fitted as optional extra.
  • A Stainless Steel seat insert can restore a tap seat too an as new condition and extend the service life of the tap considerably.
  • A new thread is tapped into the existing brass body and the insert screwed in with sealing washer.
  • It then operates the same as a standard tap with a new jumper fitted and the spindle and handles re-usable.
Spindles can be replaced.
  • If badly worn the spindle can be replaced as an optional extra.
  • In most cases it would be more cost effective to replace the whole top assembly. They are sold as pairs.
  • If you have a matched tap style throughout the bathroom that you would like to retain, this is a good case for spindle replacement.