Hot Water Services

  • Installation and PipeWork
  • HW Unit Servicing, Temp adjustment
  • Safety Valve replacement
  • Anode replacement
  • Pressure & Flow Faults resolved
  • Pipework insulation
  • Repairs and Replacement
  • Gas, Electric & Heatpumps
  • All models and makes catered for
Installation & Pipework
  • Installation of new or replacement Hot Water Units
  • Modify pipework for new or existing Units
  • Install/replace insulation
  • Install/replace brackets & supports
  • Install/raise base
  • Install vent/relief pipe drains/soak pits
HWU servicing
  • Repair leaks, loose connections, worn & deteriorated parts
  • Locate & solve faults with temperature and pressure at taps
  • Inspect, service or replace safety valves and fittings
  • Relight and check Gas HWU’s
  • Replace sun damaged insulation
  • Provide written 30 point HWU Health Report
Safety Valve Replacement
  • Replace leaking Pressure Limiting & Relief (PTR) valve
  • Replace Cold Water Expansion (CWE) valve
  • Replace Tempering Valve (TV)
  • Replace Isolation/Non Return/Filter Valves
  • Replace Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV)
  • Extend or install required vent lines for safety  valves
Anode Replacement
  • Although rarely serviced or checked, sacrificial anodes can increase the life of the HWU
  • Badly degraded anodes leave deposits in base of tank which often block downstream valves
  • Get advice before you service or replace your Hot Water Unit
  • Make sure it is sized correctly for your house and usage
  • Like for Like replacements are cheaper to install
  • Compare alternative Heat sources and your future energy usage
  • Understand the pros & cons of Storage vs Instantaneous Hot Water
  • Get a 30 point written HWU Health Check
  • Design and pipe-sizing


  • Hourly Rate from $55.00/hr
  • No travelling or attendance costs
  • Pensioner Discounts